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Everyone has fitness goals. Elevate Functional Fitness was created to help you reach them. Founded in the belief that any sound fitness program must have a combination of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and proper nutrition, we are here to help each individual find the right course of action to follow, to reach those goals.

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Elevate Functional Fitness was created with a desire to provide a truly personal fitness experience for each person who walks through our doors. No contracts, no gimmicks, no corporate nonsense; Just a group of experienced, and qualified individuals who are passionate about helping people reach their optimal health and fitness levels.   

For the next few weeks we will be making changes to the studio, class schedules and website.  We ask for your patience as we create a better experience for you!


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- Body Composition Evaluation                - Five Group Classes

- Specific Goal Setting                               - Five Tanning Sessions

- Two Personal Training Sessions            - 50 Minute Full Body Massage